Tegg’s Nose Country Park is located close to Macclesfield in Cheshire on the western edge of the Peak District National Park, and is owned and managed by Cheshire County Council. It is a popular area for walking and attracts visitors from the local area and beyond who come to the park to enjoy the stunning views of the park and across the Cheshire plain, as well as learn more about the history of the area.

Cycling and horse riding are also popular in the area, along with fishing, rock climbing and in winter conditions it is a favoured place for sledging with the exposed moorland hills often covered in snow, (see the activities page for more details about what there is to do in the area).

There is evidence of activity in the area since the Bronze age, including a Burial Chamber and lots of examples of how the Country Park has been shaped by its past use for quarrying, from the 16th century to as recently as 1955. As a reminder of this past there are still examples of the equipment that was used to quarry the sandstone for visitors to see, including a jaw crusher used to crush the quarried rock into smaller pieces.

Views from Tegg’s Nose overlook nearby Macclesfield Forest and across to the summit of Shutlingsloe, which is the second highest point in Cheshire, as well as the Telecoms Tower on Sutton Common and the Macclesfield Canal. On clear days you can also see as far as the Welsh Hills and Liverpool in the west across the Cheshire plain.

From the Tegg’s Nose summmit at a height of 380m or 1246ft there are views over the two reservoirs in the Country Park which are Bottoms Reservoir built in 1850, and the smaller Teggs Nose Reservoir constructed slightly later in 1871. The two reservoirs were used to regulate the water supply to factories in nearby Langley Village.

The landscape and wildlife of the area is varied with both meadow and moorland conditions on the rocky slopes, and woodland at the base of the summit. An abundance of Gorse at the Country Park flowers all year, and blueberries and wild apples can be found in some areas. Sheep and cattle graze the land whilst a number of birds including Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Tits and Birds of Prey can be seen.

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Teggs Nose Snow

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